At AVIN MOSCHOULIS petrol, lubricant and LPG service stations, you will find:
Liquid fuels

  • Gasolines: 95 octane unleaded, 100 octane unleaded
  • Diesel: Avin Diesel BEST ACTION
  • Diesel heating

LPG : Coral Gas
The NEW DIESEL BEST ACTION is AVIN’s dynamic proposal in diesel, for those looking for top driving experience , maximum power and unmatched performance of their diesel engine . At the same time, the new product guarantees absolute antimicrobial and anti-corrosion protection , but also significant reduction of machine noise . Now you enjoy … ALL THE ACTION IN A DIESEL!


  • Significant increase in the number of ketans equivalent to an immediate perceptible increase in power.
  • Top engine performance, better cold start, smoother operation, improved acceleration and throttle power.
  • Complete antibacterial protection.
  • Effective and immediate cleaning of the nozzles from the first fillings.
  • Significant reduction of engine noise (by 20%).
  • Total corrosion protection of the engine and the fuel network.
  • Dramatic reduction of diesel foam for faster and more complete filling.
  • Absolute antifreeze protection even in extreme temperatures.