Pay bills quickly and easily

What is the i-bank Simple Pay Spot service

With the new i-bank Simple Pay Spot service of the National Bank, you can easily and quickly pay your bills in DEKO (electricity, water, etc.), telecommunications ( fixed and mobile telephony, internet), insurance companies and other organizations, without waiting in lines. Just visit AVIN Moschoulis gas stations.
In this way, you can pay your bills at any time, with the confidence and security provided by the National Bank.
How you pay your bills
The bills are paid in cash, debited by credit or debit card of Ethniki, as well as other banks.
After the transaction, you receive a payment receipt from the National Bank. The receipt states a unique number, so that you can at any time seek the fortune of your payment by calling the National Bank Telephone Service Center at 18 18 18 . Just like you would if you had paid from any Bank Branch or through the online channels i-bank (i-bank Internet, Phone & amp; Mobile Banking, ATM, )!
In order to better serve your daily needs, the provided transactions are constantly enriched, with the aim of integrating Public Payments and Insurance Funds.Very soon, the possibility of purchasing prepaid telephony time will be available, as well as the purchase of electronic payment.
(*) All transactions through the i-bank Simple Pay Spot service are charged with a commission of 1 euro.

Categories of available payment transactions in i-bank Simple Pay Spots

You pay bills:
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Mobile telephony
  • Fixed telephony – Internet
  • Water supply
  • Insurance companies
    The charge for bill payments is 1 euro
You pay debts to the State:
  • Insurance funds
    (EFKA etc.)
  • Income tax
  • VAT
  • Traffic fees
  • Adjustment doses
  • Greek land registry
  • e – Fees
  • Other government payments
    (Chambers etc.) The charge for Public and Insurance payments funds is 1.5 euros
Recharge / Buy:
  • Prepaid time – fixed telephony and Internet
  • Prepaid codes for Internet transactions
  • e – Pass
  • Aegean Motorway SA